dilluns, 21 de maig de 2018

In 6th grade, we have been studying how to use the comparative and the superlative forms of the adjectives in English. We have discovered lots of interesting records in the Guinness World Records webpage and, as this unit's final project, in groups, students have recorded a radio show in Spreaker: the host interviews the owner of a world record. Here you can listen to the shows:

Hugo A./Sebas:
Listen to "The Mocus" on Spreaker.

Leire B./Micaela:
Listen to "Radio Show" on Spreaker.

Leyre M./Eva/Yaiza:
Listen to "WGR Night" on Spreaker.

Listen to "The Legends Of The Present" on Spreaker.

Listen to "Radio Progame SA" on Spreaker.

Gabriel/Hugo G.:
Listen to "Pyraminx" on Spreaker.

Guillermo/Marc M.:
Listen to "GWR A RARE INTERVIEW Marc,Guillermo" on Spreaker. There are more episodes waiting to be published! Stay tuned!